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New Merlin vid

Y'all, I think my vidding fu might be broken, or at least my storytelling ability.  So, I decided to do a quickie crack!vid with absolutely no plot whatsoever.  Just some of our favorite scenes of the hotass that is Bradley James aka Arthur from Merlin. My partner in crime lillaw and I had so much fun making this thing and I dare each of you to watch it and not grin like an idiot.  This song has been done before but I didn't really care, it just sort of screamed it needed to be done again.  Hope you guys enjoy.  I know I did.  Thank you again, bb.  This was so much fun squeeing with you.  I also wanted to say thank you to fotw_sv  for being my trusty beta, yet again. 

I made a couple of pretties from my favorite scenes this past week.  Oh God.  Didn't Clark look freakin' awesome?  He looked huge to me and I am seriously wanting that shirt to come off.  So, I came up with the next best thing which is wet!Clark.  Stick that chest out Clark, and yes, I did notice how huge you were.  Um, also?  Thighs. And tight fittin' pants.  Gah. 

That one is for you, Idgy.

Tell me, flist.  How many were disappointed in the storyline from the Smallville premiere?  Tom looked hot as hell, I thought, but clone!Lex?  OMG ... Just NO. 

ETA:  I finally haz a car ppl.  Got it Saturday.  Zoom Zoom.

So very sorry to my flisters who had not seen either episode and here I go plopping up gifs outside of the cut.  :\  I should also warn you that this vid contains spoilers from episodes 1, 2, and 3 for season 3.  I don't know what's wrong with my head, y'all.  Blame it on this headache from hell that absolutely will not go away. 

Tags: clark, gifs, hot boys, merlin
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